About Us

Willaegis online pvt limited speed on both wireless and fibre optical cable(foc).It offers high speed Internet services to residential, commercial/business purpose, Let us start a fresh day with a Willaegis.

Willaegis Services

Willaegis services are broadly grouped under four heads of

  • Bandwidth access Solutions.
  • Gateway Solutions.
  • VoIP Solutions and Integration Solutions.
  • OTT solutions.

Bandwidth access Solutions

WILLAEGIS ONLINE PVT LTD offers a range of dedicated leased Internet Connectivity solutions with various compression rations as well as premium bandwidth solutions. Our offerings start with 45 Mbps to GIG’S levels. Through its excellent quality of service and unbeatable downtime at most economical prices, WILLAEGIS ONLINE PVT LTD has own the trust and confidence of many operators ,corporate and houses across countries.

WILLAEGIS has started offering Internet over cable to the end customer in partnership with operators spread across various cities. We now have expanded reach and by strategic partnerships we plan to penetrate the vast retail segment.

Gateway Solutions

WILLAEGIS implemented various applications to protect companies against the attacks from the internet which can bring the entire companies operations to a standstill. Its comprehensive open source based applications provide complete protection to corporate against Viruses, Hackers and other dangers of the net.

We have also developed a fully functional bandwidth management system to aid and assist Network administrators to control their bandwidth requirements and to provide complete Network Management Interfaces.

Integration Solutions & Smart Homes

In this era where complete communications is the need of the day WILLAEGIS offers customized solutions ranging from providing connectivity to sourcing equipment to complete network integration and setup of LAN/WAN/FTTH/WiFI/Smart Homes requirements. We also provide industry specific consulting for Call Center /BPO and other Industries to meet their IT requirements. With the need of the corporate getting very demanding for technology to cross with effective prices our role as a One Stop Communications Company has become very challenging.

OTT Solutions

  • WILLAEGIS delivers flawless live streaming over the Internet and does not require any augmentation of client infrastructure
  • Highly Scalable without posing any limitation
  • Easy to implement-plug and play solution for live TV Channels, Movies and Videos songs
  • Webcasting of Events – real time availability of events for viewing over the internet like Institutional events, association events, launches, marriages, parties, social events, live performances, sporting events., etc.

Vertical Specific Knowledge to deliver tailor made solutions

WILLAEGIS brings the benefit of eight industry verticals to its customers. Focus on vertical segments brings the full benefit of our vertical domain knowledge and consequent design of customized vertical telecom solutions to our customers.

Customer Care and Delivery

We at WILLAEGIS see ourselves as your service partners rather than vendors. We are acutely conscious of just how critical our services are, to your business.

Therefore, we have created strong, empowered teams at the regional level to take care of service provisioning as well as for the resolution of issues or faults, should you have any. This skilled manpower in the field is dedicated to making your relationship with us a smooth and efficient one.

Both the service deliveries as well as the customer care teams are backed up by a strong central presence to enable seamless cross-company, cross-geography coordination.

Furthermore, we are boosting up our Enterprise Network Operations so that we will have an end-to-end view of all your services. Its unique contact centre for complete telecom solutions (Data, VoIP, PRI, Video, LAN & WAN ). On difficult occasions, even when the world’s best technologies do fail, our focus remains on quickly and accurately identifying the source of the problem, and updating you with an estimate on the time to restore service. The focus is on creating a system that allows us to reach out to you, rather than you needing to call in to us.

Business Requirement

  • Internet Leased Line Connectivity
  • License Support to Distribute Internet Connectivity to End Customers
  • Other WILLAEGIS Services

Salient Features

  • Class 'B' ISP provider owning Network across AP & TS
  • Unparalleled Service Level Guarantee
  • Easy scalability
  • Premium Service dedicated to an individual & ISP customer
  • 24 x 7 Dedicated Internet access
  • 24 x 7 Networks Monitoring Service and Technical Helpdesk

Advantage of WILLAEGIS

  • Class B ISP having AP&TS presence offers direct connectivity across AP & TS geographies
  • Internet Services offered through Telco PoPs in India
  • Dual Bandwidth Support
  • Our Partners – Airtel, , VODAFONEIDEA ,TTSL
  • Round-the-clock helpdesk
  • State of the art Network management tools centrally managing the complete backbone
  • Single service provider for end to end telecom infrastructure requirements
  • Peering with International and National Service / Content Providers for Robust, Reliable and Cost effective connectivity
  • Most Diverse/Internet Peering offering high redundant internet connectivity
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